Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dream Case #13

I have a dream that I thought perhaps you could interpret for me.

It begins with my sister-in-law and I standing inside this house that I did not recognize, but it felt like I was home.  When you open the doors to go outside there is only water surrounding the house.  We dove into the water and could breathe freely and talk while underwater.  We had to wear glasses that seemed to be everyday glasses like I wear.  I noticed I had "the wrong ones" so I told my sister-in-law (Janie) that we had to go back as I had the wrong glasses.  We went back and I got a different pair of the same type of eye glasses.  While back in the house, we walked into the living room where there were fountains of water shooting all over the place in a very controlled they do in the water and laser shows you see on TV.  It reminded me of Disney World and Epcot as the water was flowing from one opening into another in a very controlled manner....except for one stream of water.  The one stream came from the couch and ended at my heart.  When I moved, the water stream moved as well so that it was always aiming at my heart.  It did not hurt, but gave me a very happy feeling.  I moved back and forth showing Janie the water hitting my heart.  She just stood there in disbelief.  I said to her "I wonder if it is Steve!"  (Steve was my boyfriend of 12 years, my soulmate, who was killed in a tractor-tanker accident in January).  I said to the stream of water "Steve, is that you?" and I said "move up and down fast if it is".  Then the water started moving up and down very quickly.  My heart raced, but I still had a happy feeling inside of me.  It was an overwhelming feeling of joy that my Steve was controlling that water.  He had always said to me when he was alive (before we parted for work or to go anywhere), "I am always with you.  Just look down at your heart..I am right there".  Then he would point to my heart and touch me at that point.    I remember saying to Janie... "Look!  It IS Steve!!" in a very happy, excited tone.  She just keep staring blanking in awe as though she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

At that point I woke up and felt an overwhelming happiness and sadness at the same time.  I cried but I smiled too.   What is your interpretation of this dream?


Let's look at some of the basics of the dream for starters. The house, which you say felt like home, denotes a certain amount of comfort with yourself. (Houses typically represent one's personal being in dreams.) The fact that the house is surrounded by water means that you are feeling surrounded by emotions. Not necessarily overwhelmed—this isn't a flood—but emotions are all around you. You don't say whether the water was clear or turbulent or muddy, but think about these things; they help you see what "feelings" you're dealing with.

The fact that you and your sister-in-law dove into the water and could talk while underwater suggests that you are comfortable sharing your feelings with one another.

Meanwhile, glasses are about perspective. In the dream, you say you have the wrong ones. Something in your subconscious is telling you you're not looking at something the right way. Perhaps you are so wrapped up in the feelings, you aren't seeing something.

Later, the controlled fountains suggest very controlled emotions within yourself (the house). Maybe you've worked hard to keep yourself together after losing Steve so tragically. You've probably had to clamp down on much of your feelings just to maintain day-to-day life. Steve, I believe, was reminding you to be happy by sending the water to your heart. (Yes, I do believe it is possible to have contact with loved ones and people far away in dreams, even those who have passed on; I've had it happen quite often myself.) Even if you don't believe it was Steve—and that's up to you—your subconscious at the very least is trying to prompt you into feeling good.

Given the glasses thing, too, it may be that Steve wants you to notice something you have not been paying attention to, something you've been looking at the wrong way. Whatever it is, when you do see it (and notice you didn't "see" Steve until you'd switched glasses), it will make you feel warm inside.

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