Saturday, May 31, 2014

More About House Numbers

Or, really, about one particular house number. I found this site that will analyze your street address. Fun to play with, but check out the result for 221B Baker Street. Yes, that's right, home of the redoubtable Sherlock Holmes.

Your address adds to 5 
This address reflects the unconventional intelligent mind. Adventure and change are main ingredients. Inspires independence, freedom, individualism and creativity. A lack of direction and a tendency for chaos can limit financial growth. However, the rewards are a unique perspective and freedom of thought. Single adults at an address that adds to 5 tend to have an easier time to find company but a hard time making it last. Lacks responsibility and reliability. Not a good house for conventional dogmatic people and should also be avoided by those with alcohol or drug problems.

Strengthen the positive influence of this address with: Lots of color. Mix and match odd furniture. Unconventional is the key word. Open space, open windows. A bit of disarray and clutter is fine.

Spot on, if you happen to be familiar with Holmes and Watson.

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