Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream Case #12

So I dreamt that I had these two little scab like spots on one finger and picked them off.  Next thing I see are these gross black winged beetle like bugs coming out of the little holes left from the scab I picked off.  They kept coming out and I could see them crawling under my skin.  I was so horrified.  I wanted to cutoff my finger. But they kept coming out.  I dreamt this twice in one night. It still horrified me even when I'm awake!  What does it mean?

As dreams go, this one is pretty straightforward. Something that has been healing—a past hurt in a relationship, perhaps, or with family—has come back to "bug" you. Thing is, you've been picking at it, just as you picked at the scabs in the dream. Even if just subconsciously, you've been scratching at this old wound. If you continue to do so, you will interrupt the healing process and cause more damage.

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