Friday, June 14, 2013

Dream Case #3

I had this dream that I had to return to a house I grew up in. For some reason my parents were there (they haven't lived there for years). But I was asked to return by some officials, they were maybe insurance people or something, to look at some cracks in the house's foundation. I got the feeling the cracks were there before but were getting bigger. And when I went to check on my parents, they were asleep, but the cracks had created a big gap between them and a door to the bathroom. I needed to check the bathroom, but I had to jump to get there. I'm not sure what happened after that. I guess I woke up.

Okay, let's start with the house. Houses in dreams often represent the dreamer. Different rooms represent different parts of you: the attic is your brain, your consciousness and thoughts. The basement symbolizes your base instincts and primal urges. Here you had what? A concern about the foundation, it seems? Literally what you're built on: your belief system, for example. The cracks suggest you're questioning some of the fundamentals in your life. And since it seems that the cracks had been there a while and were starting to spread, maybe you've had questions for a long time, even subconsciously, and now they're getting too big and loud to ignore.

The officials, then, may represent any clergy or other people you typically look to for guidance regarding your beliefs. (Remember that even if you're an atheist you have some kind of fundamental belief. It doesn't have to be an organized religion.) Spirit guides or other authorities in your life are trying to draw your attention to this structural problem within yourself. It needs to be addressed before you suffer some kind of breakdown.

It's not clear to me whether the gap you mention was between you and your parents as well as them and the bathroom door? But I'm going to assume the gap, regardless of location, signifies a growing distance between you and your parents, possibly caused by these questions you have—maybe you're beginning to question some of your upbringing?

As for the bathroom and your need to check it, bathrooms provide relief and cleansing. They're also where we go to hide sometimes. The running water in bathrooms can symbolize the rush of emotions. Your need to get to the bathroom in the dream may reflect a need to cleanse yourself or simply to get in touch with how you really feel. You may even be seeking to let your feelings out.


  1. A very reasonable interpretation. My thought on most dreams that have to do with a bathroom is that it is merely the actual need to go to the bathroom reflected in the dream story. I wonder if the dreamer went to the bathroom upon awakening?

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    A Faraway View

    1. I agree that in many cases dreams about the bathroom are directly related to the physical body sending a signal that it needs to "go." But in this particular case, since the dreamer didn't say the s/he needed to use the bathroom in the dream, only to "check" on it (for cracks, I'm assuming), I went with another interpretation.